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Reasons to have a Home Inspection


  • Uncover safety issues. So many issues hidden within a home can put the health and safety of you and your family at risk.  Even a leaky faucet could set off a major mold problem if left unprepared.

  • A home inspection documenting deficiencies gives you the opportunity to consider unforeseen repairs needing to be preformed prior to taking possession of the house.

  • Document deficiencies to cover your liability. If you resell this home some day, any issues dating back to its original construction or previous inspection may become your liability. Protect yourself by documenting the home’s condition at purchase.

  • Gain maintenance and improvement advice. Your home inspector can give you invaluable maintenance advice about this house and others of its kind in the area, as well as tips for upgrading and making the most of the home’s existing features.

  • Forecast future expenses. An experienced home inspector can give you a general idea of how long the current appliances and systems might make it before needing repair or replacing.

  • Get a better feel for the home and its deficiencies to determine which ones you’re willing to work with and which ones you would prefer a professional to evaluate and determine needed repairs.  An inspection helps you focus on the big picture and figure out which issues you’re willing to accept.

  • Find construction problems in new homes. New construction isn’t immune to problems either, such as, defective materials and appliances, poor workmanship, incomplete or incorrect work. 

  • Reveal potential critter activities that have may be harmful to the house or its occupants.  

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